Creative Thursday: Thank You..

Thursday became my writing day and every week on this day.. I experience something uplifting and valuable. The picture or image of which we can notice and be aware of wider perspective somehow..

The theme of this blog post is: Thank You..

First of all..

I’d like to thank.. for opportunity of being able to write this down to you.. on digital paper here @wordpressdotcom platform..

I’d like to thank.. for the joy of connection and RT’s and comments on twitter @paintingsbyswav especially during @DublinHour @BelfastHour @WexfordHour and some other hash tag hour out there.. Simplicity and community around this initiative amaze me still..

I’d like to thank.. for the joy of drinking coffee outside of Dublin, big city life or big smoke.. and fantastic experience of customer service @InsomniaCoffe

I’d like to say thank you to a friend of mine.. Marian, for a bit of help today and advice as well..

All the thanks above and below created specific joy, the joy of being alive or awake as on the coffee cup for example..

Simplicity of thank you for being who you are.. to you, to me and us as well.

~ Enjoy your night/day/evening.. Swav @paintingsbyswav



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