Weekly photo challenge: State of Mind

I really like the idea of weekly photo challenges, somehow.. the images and stories behind the lens of photography makes you wonder.. about possibilities, the other aspects of life and different states of mind, body or spirit.. by being able to notice the choice, which we are making all the time.. consciously or not, we are choosing the way ahead of us. It’s like driving night time, you can see the road unfolding for you, while you keep driving.

With the head lights or deep lights for the change.. we are able to switch between visibility of 100 or 200 yards ahead of us.. This phenomenon reminds me of intuitive skills and abilities of the mind.. a thinking, feeling or acting in the moment of now. It’s like using your senses to predict the future, which is around the corner.. Whenever you feel the moment to stop, pull over and enjoy the moment or views.. surrounding yourself with the feeling of joy and trust, that the road ahead of you.. will bring you the fruits of your imagination, the dreams that takes shape to become a reality for you.

At the right moment of time, falling with love at your own feets..

It’s your dream, your choice.. choose right, the things, realities and connections that suite the melody of your own heart or soul..

*) Enjoy the day!

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav


8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: State of Mind

  1. Stop and smell the roses. I think we all have to do that to get inspired. If we keep moving, we won’t be able to reflect on the stories that have been and perhaps the stories that will be. And then we can create art from a passionate heart. Beautiful capture, Swav, and have a good week 🙂

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