Monday inspiration: The perspective of change

The moment of change is like the weather of which.. you can see yourself from another perspective.

Monday is always interesting.. the challenge, a task or change of career.. The job or project that needs to be done, it doesn’t matter.. flexibility is always welcome through out the day.. big time. Whatever is flexible for me, might be inflexible for you and vice versa, but the time is always right to go outside.. to step outside your current environment and go for.. your outdoor office nearby.. to finish your project, or simply write down the best idea ever.. You can always do an outdoor workout if you want.

I took this photos during my lunch time out there somewhere.. on the country side in Laois, near Slieve Bloom Mountains (The Ridge of Cappard, Road 440 to Kinnitty)

I recommend it to give it a go.. as kind of mobile space or office for example.. just make sure that there is a good reception.. otherwise you might be out of network 🙂

~ Enjoy, Swav @PaintingsbySwav

PS I’ve got another inspiration while enjoying Downtown Portlaoise meet up @ThePantry.. I will keep you posted!

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