Outdoor Workout in Sheffield

Six months ago I had to stop going to gym, from a couple of reasons. I had enough time to look at my training’s and outdoor activities from new perspective.

Last week I decided to get back on track or at least see, if my muscle fibres are recovered fully, and instead of going to standard gym, decided to try outdoor workout.

I never done it before, and I have to say… It’s amazing, not just because, I did it in Sheffield forest area, but from the point of extra stimulation to specific muscle fibres, in a new way.

It’s also fun… recommend for anyone, who’s bored with current training routine.

Here are some pluses:

  • a lot of fun (pleasure)
  • adventure (excitement and adrenaline rush)
  • fresh air and nature (priceless, compared to standard gym, especially at peak times)
  • free of charge, and no need for membership (just need time and keys to your car)
  • socializing advantages (you can bring your friends with you or meet a stranger)

There’s no minuses, except a strange look of people passing near you, but who cares, as far as you leave your natural dumbbells, barbells and other equipment, exactly as where you have found it, it’s all fine… between you and the forest of course…

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