Weekly photo challenge: The Temple Bar, Dublin

” ..Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.. “

The season as a word.. a feeling or meaning of it.. will be different for each of us. Seasons are the steps toward another chapter of life, the book which is written by ourselves.. Somehow on a daily basis, during the night.. at the lunch, coffee break, a tea time with friends or your own self.. When you have to figure out the next step or move in life, the project you are working on all night.. or a kiss from the inside, which represent specific way of eureka feeling.. The moment of breakthrough, which allows yourself to trust your own self or get a feeling of ‘you are good enough’ to do so.

I took this picture at the Temple Bar in Dublin the other day, which shows specific magic in the air and atmosphere of.. such as Christmas for example..

~ Enjoy Saturday Inspiration, Swav @Paintingsbyswav

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