Creative Thursday: Quote of Pablo Picasso

Every Thursday..

I do my best to look at things from different perspective or angle.. to see the shadow of light.. or to light the shadow of the subject, a challenge , a task.. or a plan.. Today.. I’d like to share something with you, that came up to me along the way of driving.. for most of the day. I’ve seen different weather patterns such as rain, sun, snow, wind.. and noticed the change, which doesn’t start from the outside of it.. nothing change really inside, whenever we have a breakthrough or experience eureka feeling.. It’s just a small change of looking at things. It’s like shining the light towards dark corner.. you feel better, lighter, uplifted.. but whenever the time to recharge your batteries comes.. The shadow or a different state of mind will become visible. You can watch it, but don’t engage with it.. don’t play with it, the game he knows best. Both sides are equal, when we are aware of it..

Many of us have heard already, that you have to stay positive, optimistic, focused on your goals, etc. but..

Whatever is on one side will also attract the other side like a wave or magnet..

I’m not saying this to stay.. inactive or wait for things to come your way.. but whenever we accept the things as they are.. something begins to switch immediately.. The space from another perspective starts to be clear, visible, light and open..

Quote of Pablo Picasso:

” Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.. “

” Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.. “

~ Enjoy your own perspective!

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