Etsy shop, product photography and lighting in Ireland

I’d like to say something about product photography/lighting.. as we all know the natural light is best for photo shooting.. but while living in Ireland/UK/Scotland.. this might be challenging some days or even for weeks..


I was planning to upload my photos a while ago, but wasn’t able to get a proper sun light, all I’ve got instead was plenty of rain on a daily basis.. so one day I decided to find a solution.. I rang most of the shops in town to find out about special bulbs, which I could use for product photography to get a feeling and effect of the natural sun.. or fake sun at least..

I’ve got this idea while driving beside the tanning studio in town and saw the ad about fake tanning solution.. so I thought, hmm.. maybe I’ll go this way..

I finished a couple of phone calls and ended up with mostly nothing but one older sales man said to me something about special bulbs, which gives you a feeling of warm light the other way..

Every way you go, every place you see around yourself is based on either cold/warm light.. the old way of beaming/shining is towards warm expression.. the new way is towards coldness/whiteness or too much of it, especially with energy-saving light bulbs.. They gives you a feeling of unnatural light, fake one, which you can easily fell on the picture as well..

At the end of the day full of adventure.. basically.. I ended up with nothing, because most of them are not available on the market, and have to be ordered/imported, at least in Ireland, where I live..


I’ve got the idea to give my father a call.. he’s electrician with many years of experience and different electric-electronic experiments in the past.. and the problem with lighting was sorted in about half an hour or so.. He pulled over from the box of many different bulbs, switches, connectors a different bulb, and I did a test on a nice cloudy day in Ireland..


Ended up with this pictures, which are pretty good in quality and overall effect I was planning to achieve.. I’ll find out more about this type of bulb.. if some of you might be interested.. I will give it another test or two to learn something new along the way of setting up my first Etsy shop.. The proper way!

Enjoy your evening folks..

Love Ireland/Scotland/UK weather..

Swav @PaintingsbySwav

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  1. Pity about the rain, gloomy weather and not getting enough natural light, Swav. But good to hear you found a way around it and those photos look like they were taken on a sunny day. Sometimes the answers really are close to home. Stay warm, stay dry 🙂

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