The Time, Painting No. 73 by Swav

Every once for a while.. Whenever inspiration comes.. I do painting or drawing.. This time, first of all snow was falling behind the window of time.. on the road, outside, on the cars and foot path as well. Snowing.. doesn’t happen to often in Ireland, but when it falls into place of our expectation.. seeking and finding magic of every day activities becomes easier, available and touchable.

It’s like the touch of your own spirit from another dimension of time or space.. in the moment of now, and yet.. is still obvious, it’s just snow, the other dimension of water.. instead of rain in the country of Ireland, Scotland or Iceland for example..

It is what it is..

The timeless..

Movement of creation..

Falling with pleasure at your own feets..

Have a good evening to everyone here and there of the time distance..

~ Swav @PaintingsbySwav

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11 thoughts on “The Time, Painting No. 73 by Swav

  1. I always find it refreshing to read about the wonders of snow from those who don’t experience it often. I think for some people (including me) who live in areas where snow is frequent, it’s more common to focus on the negatives. So I thank you for reminding me that there’s more to snow than just having to get up early to clean my car off 🙂

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    1. Well.. We’ve got plenty of rain here in Ireland.. if would be possible to barter some part of the rain.. for a bit of snow or proper summer time.. I wouldn’t mind at all.. Cheers and Keep well!

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