The Blossom of Life, Painting No. 36 by Swav

This painting is amazing from many perspectives… It’s my 36th in my collection, which I had done before my 36th birthday, just a few days ago. Here is a fresh cream fruit cake for you as well, home made 🙂

This painting became the last of the series and also the 3rd of my latest triptych, Inspirations of life (I will publish in the next post). I painted in very special atmosphere of expecting something wonderful, which is about to make happen soon. I got a strong feeling of it, and I wasn’t wrong… I will publish more details, as soon as I will finish some other work. Feeling bliss of life…

The blossom of life painting is formed from inspired action, from the heart… and also… multiple rainbow that showed up above my house the moment I decided to create it…

The main shape of it reminds me of the nature, especially flowers and plants, that are waking up to life after winter sleep. I did a lot of mountain walking, so maybe that’s why I noticed so many reborn images of the wonderful wonders of nature. The one I see on this canvas looks like fern plant awakening into life during springtime in the forest.

The rest of discoveries I leave up to you, or even you can share below in few comments… your own thoughts and feelings of what do you think or feel this painting is about 🙂

Thank you and enjoy viewing… Swav

The Blossom of Life, Painting No. 36 by Swav

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