Inspiration of the week, Sicilian Cuisine Cookbook

Sicily is very close to my heart by many reasons. It’s also an Island with original roots, fabulous cuisine, amazing fruits and veggies. This is one of the most characterful region of Italy. Anyone who travelled to Sicily at least once… is coming back for more. Sicily has it’s own unique atmosphere, breathtaking views and chill out lifestyle, especially in Cefalù.

If you are planning a romantic trip with your loved one, you have to stop in this very special town… to chill out and re-connect with each other even closer, you won’t be disappointed.

This stunning cookbook with more that 50 authentic recipes and outstanding quality photos, reminds me of so many great moments over there… Can’t wait to try out few of them 🙂

Recommend this book for everyone, who loves travelling and a bit of cooking in the mix of your own style.

* Very original book with high quality printouts. Great gift idea for a friend 🙂