A day in RTE television studios

I publish this post as part of my ‘post a draft’ challenge, because I still see +25 draft posts on my dashboard of wordpress platform. I’d like to hear from you and other fellow bloggers…

What is your way of dealing with your ‘unpublished’ posts ?

Do you have a special section, a tag or category for this kind of stuff ?

As far as I remember from one of the Blogging University classes, there was an assignment to deal with cluttered drafts, unfinished ones, especially the ones that we think are not finished, because of…

lack of ‘más grandes huevos’ big bolls as someone else has said on the other blog, can’t remember which one, but he’s right…

We don’t publish most of the stuff from many reasons, I didn’t publish this one because I didn’t wrote one page of content, as part of my last year challenge…

so this year I decided to be more nice for myself, a lot less judgmental and stick with the flow of writing, having one thing in mind, to have more fun of it…

Well, what can I say about television… hmm… I could write about my experience of back stage, the atmosphere, etc… but will respect the privacy of the ones I’ve meet during that day… television is good fun 😉

It’s Monday, so… perfect time for dancing/acting/singing or bowling, just for fun… Have a great week guys 🙂

#PostAdraft #Unpublished

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