Colour of the week #Yellow

This week for me is connected with the colour of yellow. Yellow is bright, fun, cheerful, friendly, warm, dynamic, active and spontaneous.

It represent great communication… Someone who speaks and listen at the same time. Is connected to the maturity of communication, wisdom and open heart as well. Yellow as a vibrancy or frequency reminds me of the warm, sandy beach of Hawaii Islands.

I don’t know why, I feel this way exactly, but when I look at the warm yellow colour of the flowers above, I feel warmness, openness and joy… Joy of life.

Adventure always begins with curiosity, a spark of energy, that flows spontaneously from some place within, more or less exact located within the heart, who want’s to play… to have fun… to enjoy life and experience… to touch by hand or the wings of soul… to fly above the sky and seek adventure, while having a good chat, even with the stranger on the way to Dublin, or some other place around.

I’m curious, what yellow means for you and why ?

Ending this post with joy…

#ColourofTheWeek #Yellow

5 thoughts on “Colour of the week #Yellow

    1. I’m wondering what kind of colour will show for next week… and somehow this week, I’ve noticed plenty of yellow around, from yellow dresses, cars and furniture… for flowers, smells and taste of yellow… Interesting, isn’t it ?:)

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      1. How lovely to see yellow all around…Indeed what I focus on, tends to come up around me in life!
        Looking forward to which color comes up next…maybe a nice spring green?
        Happy Sunday!


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