A gift, painting no. 61 by Swav

This week’s @postaday photo challenge is: intricate wp.me/p23sd-Z0j, so let’s move on to my interpretation of this word.

Intricate for me means something which looks very detailed, precisely created, intuitively painted, crafted by the human hands… from the heart, body, mind and spirit.

When, I look at the art of other designers, painters and crafters… I see the beauty of the melody that created specific item, tool, an object or a form of message. The energy of creation with close connection to the one, who created it.

I had an interesting feeling, an in-sight during the festival of Little Sicily in Capo D’Orlando town. It’s interesting when you watch hand crafted tiles or a vase, you can touch it the way it was created by someone else.

Hand crafted and hand made is the future as I guess, of course, if this way of thinking makes sense to you and your life’s values.

Have a great bank holiday weekend.

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9 thoughts on “A gift, painting no. 61 by Swav

  1. “Hand crafted and hand made is the future” I agree with you there. Handcrafted and handmade, that’s how things are made with thought, emotion and love. Rarely the exact same handmade thing will be produced – each is difference and difference is celebrated.

    Love your paintings, Swav. This one is no exception and I love how you incorporated so many colours into it. Intricate indeed 🙂

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  2. Your mention of the intricate hand crafts of Sicily took me back to my trips there…indeed, the amazing work that the artisans produce there really describes “intricate” perfectly. I remember the hand-painted ceramics that I saw..I brought back some small souvenirs but I would’ve loved to bring a huge urn that I saw that would’ve been great for a houseplant!
    Thanks Swav for your interesting take on the word “intricate”!

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    1. That’s great… because I wrote another post yesterday and scheduled for tomorrow at 5 o’clk, a photo series from the festival of little sicily, and there is a vase on the photo, which can perfectly suit you…

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    1. Thank you Tina… I love the first photo on your post, showing incredible craftsmanship in Beijing, China and the one with scarves in Vienna 🙂


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