Little Sicily in Capo D’Orlando #Festival

This post is about the festival of Little Sicily organized once a year in the town of Capo D’Orlando, as you can imagine on Sicily. I’ve mentioned about this in my previous post…

Sicily has it’s own atmosphere and something in the air, which is very special and connected to the people of that region. It’s like another Italy, more grounded to the roots of tradition, sea food, fresh fruits and veggies.

Beautiful faces of thousands way of expression… the young, middle and old generation mixed up with the flavour of fresh tomatoes, very sweet and kind, with the wisdom of Sicily Island or perhaps even the volcano of Etna.

Once a year in may you can have a taste of all Sicilian cousine in one spot, under one roof, whenever is rainy… I’m not joking 🙂 May is the month of many surprises over there, so be ready for something wonderful, which might happen just like that.

Very friendly people with open hearts and not connected to the story of mafia, so if you are planning to ask them something about this subject, because you’ve watched all the film series of The Godfather with Al Pacino… think twice 🙂 and google…

The best part is the evening until late, with plenty of restaurants and food places around serving one of the best food on the planet with special group of folks that walk from one place to another one. To sing the song, sometimes a few and then they have to drink a glass of vine and try served food or special tapa’s.

Have a great day 😉

PS. Unfortenely, I don’t have too much photos from the evening…

PPS. If you came to this post from the link @ weekly photo challenge, Please have a look on the photo with Sicilian design of tiles, vase and table… Pure classic 🙂

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