Prototyping frame is great fun, #bySwav

I’m working on the frame design for my art works, paintings and gift ideas. I had no idea that prototyping is great fun, an adventure and hands on learning something new.

Well, on the same time you can work with timber, which somehow brings you closer to the woods and nature of all things. I still remember the class of wood cutting in college.

Have a great day and enjoy whatever you are working on,

~ cheers

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2 thoughts on “Prototyping frame is great fun, #bySwav

  1. Very interesting framing, Swav! Looks nice against the bright color of the paint…
    Have a wonderful day as well!

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  2. I’m experimenting with different type of wood and also wood construction of the canvas… I’m looking for something original, unique and funky, because my art is fresh and more alive… so they have to match each other… a kind of perfecto at the end, each painting goes/flies with special hand written note, as the one below… Cheers!


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