The Beginning, Painting No. 1 by Swav

Painting process of this piece of art was the beginning of a new journey in my life.

As far as I remember my early childhood, I was painting and sketching some drawings on a daily basis. Especially my cartoon heroes.

I spoke with my mom last week about those times, and reminded myself that, the last drawing I did, was a concept of a logo design for a new radio station that advertised competition on air… years ago. I was wondering, what happened with my skill or inner talent, which was hidden for all those years.

I thought maybe disappeared ? or gone on a long vacations… but from today’s point of view, I see all the puzzles connected together.

Parts of my life’s journey, changes of interests, from one field to another one, travelling across Europe or going to America, to study in State of Nevada, makes sense to me today.

All the parts, or other way stated as seasons or chapters of a great book, where needed to develop myself.

Great piece of art requires different elements mixed up together in the moment, which is described by many as flow, so…

Go with the flow… on your own way…

Wherever you are… and wherever you are heading… Good Luck and

Cheers from Ireland


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