Is the music part of your life or not ?

Music for me was always more about the sound, melody or overall flow on the background. The lyrics of some of the songs, I used to change a little bit in my own understanding of the mind. And as I see the music industry nowadays going through all the different phases, at least in the area of my interest of hip hop and rap of the early 90’s and then through UK garage, break beat and many varieties of house music or techno.

The first sound and melody of any song can tell a lot about the full track of particular piece of music. An artist is always connected to the art work, that was created in very specific mood, same as the overall view on production could be summarize as done it from the heart or created to make another bubble of dollars, or to fire up specific emotional cocktail of potential clients.

From my perspective as an artist, the music created from the heart will stand the test of time. I’m not sure what kind of music do you like, or what kind of melody makes you moving and dancing without thinking about it… but when I see and feel the music which was created in the analogue era, way before that digital bubble and synthetic desire of power of the mind, control or motivation.

Everything seemed to be simpler, a much simpler, connected, available, speakable and touch full. Digital era created more dynamic and progressive impact on the world around, especially in social media, which creates specific way of illusion of being connected to others, while creating deeper disconnection from the normal human way of communication. Maybe… I’m over sensitive and emotional as well, but whatever is happening in the world of digital era needs to be counter balance.

The music from the 90’s or 00’s, at least from my perspective was created with the reason of ‘to have fun’ and ‘create the movement’ and ‘connection’ from heart to heart perspective. Not all music as I can guess, but most of the track that I used to play myself or collect from different sources and type of storage, incl. cassettes and vinyls (LP’s, EP’s and white labels). Music those days was created for the people as same as today, but in more human way of connection at first place… so,

What’s the difference between the real music and a bubble one ? maybe there isn’t…

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29 thoughts on “Is the music part of your life or not ?

  1. Hola Swav, Feliz Año!
    Para mi la música sí forma parte de mi vida y la disfruto cada vez que tengo ocasión. Las letras de canciones y su música traen a mi memoria muchos momentos maravillosos vividos.
    Un abrazo.

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      1. Si tienes ocasión de escuchar a Joan Manuel Serrat, tiene unas canciones con unas letras bellisimas en las que habla del amor, la amistad, la juventud… Puso música a poemas de varios poetas y esas canciones son impresionantes.Han pasado 50 años desde que comenzó a cantar y todas están vigentes hoy día.
        Me gusta la música clásica, el jazz en directo y es verdad que generalmente me agrada mucho más la música de los años 80-90.
        Solo conoces Cataluña?

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          1. Tienes que intentar conocer Madrid, es una ciudad estupenda, con unos museos impresionantes, y unos alrededores preciosos, con unos pueblos que son una maravilla. Solo le falta tener mar para ser totalmente perfecta.
            Bueno, toda España es una maravilla.


  2. A very deep post, Swav. I find that a lot of the music we hear today on commercial radio sound so repetitive – repetitive beats and hooks. And a lot of the messages in the lyrics, I tend not to agree with.

    Music is a big part of my life. I love a lot of the stuff from the 90s and 00s, when I grew up. I even tried writing lyrics backs then. Let’s say soon after I discovered my love for writing other things 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment… The music of 90’s, 00’s or the beginning of any new music style sounds more fresh, raw and real… maybe because the moment of creation was very high from perspective of energy, or spark of energy that created specific movement of new music…

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        1. That’s a great comment… Nowadays with current technology they could easily make automatic music, incl. lyrics 🙂 This article shows typical pattern of any artist, which is not going beyond his perception of capacity…

          Linda Kohanov in the book of ‘The power of the herd’ has mentioned about the artists and the same paradigm of emotional roller-coaster they were going through, over and over again… until they started working with the horses, not just riding, but connecting to them more deeply, because the horse as an animal is all the time connected to his own heart and lives in the now moment… it’s a long story, you can google about it yourself or buy a book on amazon, as I guess


        1. Blogging is still something new for myself, and what I can see now, after 1 year is the wave of inspiration that flows itself around the planet… I do value your blog from this perspective, as many other blogs that I check every once for a while… Thank you 🙂

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          1. After reading several of your posts, you do write from the heart & have wonderful ideas to inspire others. You’re a teacher & not a preacher (& I appreciate your style of writing). Great post on music. I listen to (on radio) The Deep End (a time when music mattered – classic rock 60’s & 70’s) & Acoustic Storm. I like some music from most genres & admire artists who bare themselves to the world.without all the flimflam 🙂


    1. Well, for some people with an open heart, the differences between the music doesn’t exist, because then they become judges instead of humans 🙂

      I used to listen to John Peel sessions on BBC radio 1 years ago, where in one single night you could hear anything from rock’n’roll, through hip hop, electronic sounds, techno, country music, classic and vintage up to the sounds of Hawaiian music, so think kind of experience created specific understanding and embracing diversity as well…

      And from the perspective of this article or blog post, can you spot the difference between the real music created from the heart and a bubble (marketing, mindset, dollars, etc) ? in the type of music that you are listening, hmm…

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      1. I have a very wide musical taste but have never been able to get on with techno, hip-hop, house etc.

        It just doesn’t float my boat. We all make judgements about what we like and do not like. You have made one by liking that kind of music 🙂

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          1. from my experience ‘any judgement’ sets the mind above the heart…. heart has it’s own capacity of acceptance, for example a ‘heavy metal music’ or ‘digital hard core techno’ which doesn’t vibrates with me and doesn’t match my own melody inside… but I accept the fact of inspiration or a reason behind creation of this type of music…

            while mindset is based on whatever the beliefs are inside the model of the world, which has much lesser capacity to see beyond the image of itself, or identity of the person…

            WOW, thanks for your comment…

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    1. No… basically what I’m trying to say is that, the music which feels right to my heart now, is the one from, for example disco house of the 90’s or 00’s for example, before some of the artists were twisted to the direction, I don’t want to follow at all…

      I’m not sure, if this has happened, when the sound was changed from analogue into digital, but there is some kind of pattern, when you search through the career of the artist… it’s more like shadow of the artist, which is not in balance with the light of the same artist, as I guess… I won’t discuss about the music industry or pop music which is the same in every single commercial radio station around the planet, because this kind of discussion might end up in the wrong alley of expression 🙂


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