The Year of Abundance, Painting No. 58 by Swav

I was painting this piece of art yesterday with a couple of things in mind, and somehow finished around six in the morning. As we all know that the new year resolutions need some action plan from the perspective of the mind, but also a trust from the perspective of the heart… I’m not sure about your resolutions but my ones were very simple, yet very profound…

I’d like to wish everyone here on this blog or out there somewhere, especially someone who is about to start something new in life… a new beginning or new chapter of the book of life, that we write ourselves every single day… The beginning of the new career path or some profound change starts with the spark of hope, an energy that opens up the doors of possibilities and abundance, and that’s why…

I’d like to wish all of you guys… The Year of Abundance

Sławomir Krawczyk (Swav)

The Year of Abundance, Painting No. 58 by Swav


12 thoughts on “The Year of Abundance, Painting No. 58 by Swav

  1. Hey Slaw, thank You for showing me this dedication, this painting at first appears very simple, increasingly seeming more complex. I would absolutely love to know what went through your head as your brush glided along the canvas ❤

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    1. Some of my paintings are the concepts of how I perceive ‘joy of life’ for example… while other ones comes from inspiration, the heart feelings and emotions as well… this one is a mix of all… January is very specific, at least for me, because the energy, which opens up the new year is very dynamic or windy, same as the weather since a couple of years… Some of the surfers I know love coming over to Ireland during the firs two months of the year, because there is a chance to catch that big wave in Co. Donegal, or near cliff’s of Moher 🙂

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  2. I don’t know much about art – it neither talks to me or …. it does nothing – I enjoy looking at paintings …. this piece talks to me. Love the happiness in the colors. Thanks for your visit in my world. Wivi

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    1. The comments like that, makes me feel uplifted… especially as an artist, who discovered and created something new… a new way of expression on canvas, paper block, wood or even on the wall of the bedroom, if you wish so… somehow this piece of art revealed the name of my painting style, and I’m really glad for this. Swav


  3. I am glad I discovered your blog!!! I love this painting – abstract, simple, colorful, alive. To me, it just sums up life in general. Thank you for sharing this on Blogging 201. I, too, sometimes paint when the mood strikes, but I mostly paint for myself. I wish I could paint and learn some more.

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    1. Thank you very much Stacey… this is the main reason of my heart and expression on canvas… Happiness, Love, Joy and freedom… on this beautiful, dancing and singing blue planet, called earth 🙂 Swav

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