Song of Soul, Painting No. 6 by Swav

Once upon a time I thought of creation process, about inspiration and flow, and where it comes from ? a higher self…

I finished reply to an email and went to check something on facebook. One of my friends just placed a link to the article about Himba African tribe and their tradition of birth song of a child or song of soul… You can google yourself…

It doesn’t matter, if this article is real or not, as some people are blogging now. It’s all about the choice and choosing the content which is valuable to you, as an information, inspiration or spark of energy. I’ve meet a lot of spiritual people on many different trainings and workshops in the past. I was a trainer and coach, so I had to keep up with the latest knowledge of personal development, right ?

Those days I used to be focus on change of attitude, strategies of success, motivation, reaching my goals and outcomes, as quick as possible, time oriented, focus driven, etc.

I never knew that one day, I will start seeking my own melody, knowledge from the inside and discover my inner talent.

I finished reading that article and started to wonder about the soul and spirit of a human being.

I believe that every one on this planet is born with specific talent, a kind of natural ability to perform a task effortlessly, enjoyable way. The road to inner self, talent or a melody that vibrates from the inside (the soul or heart) is different for everyone.

I began to paint the feeling of child coming into this world with all the colors of rainbow, that represent different aspects of vibration or a melody of the soul.


Song of Soul, Painting No. 6 by Swav

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