Intuitive Writing

I decided today that whenever the task or assignment of Blogging University will become out of my reach, I mean the structure of composing the writing including advanced wording… I will have to do some other writing instead. I don’t want to quit yet and… I’m usually really good at follow ups, so spontaneous and intuitional action might be the best way for me.

I’m really amazed of the quality post I couldn’t stop reading, especially from the structure point of view, the advanced wording and story content. Honestly… for me to do 15 minutes free flow writing, takes at least an hour, because I still have to translate some stuff and check the spelling.

I could write in my native language without the problems, but… I created this Blog as part of my challenge to keep writing, as one of my friends recommended. Improve my English and bring the flow of writing to another level.

I’ve read pretty well article today about the purpose of writing and getting the message across. This somehow got me thinking about my writing, my style and the essence of it, and also the value which is between the lines of story telling.


Intuitive writing might be the answer, because the other way, I won’t be able to proceed with my daily tasks. Blogging is amazing tool of personal development, and I never thought about that this way.

I’m currently very active with (I use active word instead of busy) description of my painting style, which I developed recently just a couple of months ago. Typical soliciting procedures to avail of my copyrights as an artist and author.

Discovery of my own style of painting became the beginning of a new path of development, also in many other areas of my life… simultaneously. All happened because of use of too much of the blue paint during one of my painting sessions. Some people are saying that the biggest discoveries in our lives happens by accident, occurring mostly intuitively.

From one discovery to another one has made specific chain reaction of positive changes, also in new organization development which I’m about to create. A lot of paper work that needs to be done, business planning, marketing, research and development. When I look at my desk now…

I see a pile of documents with deadlines, to be accepted by the local enterprise office, which makes me smile. Probably because of the adrenaline rush and presentations I will have to do. I simply love it. The number of work hours doesn’t count and is unknown, because is much easier to count the coffee breaks instead.

I’m also excited of publishing this post at 2:25 AM, which makes me smile also.

* This Intuitive Writing is part of my Day Five, Writing 101, Blogging University.

8 thoughts on “Intuitive Writing

  1. I am glad you are not quitting. I think you are doing a good job. English is a complicated language for me and it’s my language. I write every day and I am sure that alone helps a great deal. Even though from day to day you may not notice yourself improving. Over time I am sure you will. I could understand your writing easily. And that means you are doing a heck of a good job with our language. Keep it up. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a million 🙂 Sometimes, especially when I write for a while, I do have a feeling of strong rewiring of the neurons. Which might be a good sign or a sign of just intensive thinking 😉


  2. Nice job! I believe my best art and writing happen when I use intuition and channeling. When I do that, it is so much less pressure and I can just let the work flow from me, because I am not taking full responsibility for it. I consider myself more of a medium for the creative energy that flows throughout the universe, if that makes sense. It really helps me loosen up and just create. Happy blogging!

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    1. Thanks Liz 😉 We all have the ways of tapping into our own talents, skills and abilities… I do painting or writing mostly for fun and enjoyment, whenever I feel it’s time to do so, from the heart. It’s like a kid who’s always ready for the next adventure full of discoveries, excitement and anything else what comes next in the moment of creation… Happy blogging for all of us here 🙂


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