Constant Movement, Painting No. 41 by Swav

Today is the Day Four of Writing 101, Blogging University, and… I’ve just finished my latest painting which I felt inspired to do so, my interpretation of it will be my today’s writing task 🙂 I hope Michelle W. will understand…

For the last few days constant movement and flow of energy became my main focus. I used to see the nature of things in many aspects and perspectives, but when I experienced nice and warm rain, falling from the dark blue sky that late evening of the other day. I couldn’t stop thinking of it…

Amazing… How easy it is to experience something wonderful, which is all the time around us. As an adult I used to forgot so many of them, and maybe since… I re sparked my inner talent of painting and expression, after those 25 years of time, I became somehow more intuitive and aware 🙂 Expanding my consciousness to another dimension of feelings and emotions…

The other inspiration of this piece of art came over from the blue sky… the warm one which reminds us of the most memorable time we’ve spent on the beach, or a place of visit. Yesterday… I couldn’t stop looking on the sky, maybe because was so blue with only few clouds on it. I noticed the movement of the moon, which was travelling in the front of me, so I took my camera to shot a photo of it and then…

I saw the little moves of how’s the moon is travelling on the sky… and a big smile appeared on my face instantly… This got me thinking also, a deep feeling of this current moment directed me into discovery of constant movement and choice making. There’s so much going on right now, no question about that, but we are the ones who chooses of what to focus on.

Have a fantastic day, Swav

Constant Movement, Painting No. 41 by Swav

7 thoughts on “Constant Movement, Painting No. 41 by Swav

    1. Thank you Cherokee 🙂 There is a place in local Slieve Bloom Mountains, which translated from the Irish means ‘the spirit of the wind’ and there’s usually windy 😉


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