Young Entrepreneurial Spirit

What connects kinder surprise eggs and loom bands done by two little boys ? … a bit more than you might think of… Yesterday, something magical happened during my walking with Betty. Typical route of 625, for us at least (625 means 6,25 km of the distance around the town) started with great weather conditions, which means no rain yet.

I decided to go ahead with the short cut this time nearby the lake… After about mile and a half, I saw two little boys by the low fence of their house, which is located along the Colliers Lane in Portlaoise… and as soon as I walked by, I noticed the colorful rubber bands and something written on a piece of paper.

I asked them, are you selling these… and the two boys of maximum 6 or 7 years of age replied to me… yes they are just for 3 Euros, expressing this by interesting change on their faces… I was on the move and without the wallet, but somehow I said… I’ll get some on the way back and good luck to both of you.

The cloudy sky weren’t promising of a coming back the same way, but there are things in life, which are basically not predictable… and the best way to move forward is to go with the flow. When we have reached St. Mary’s CBS College the rain was all over the place, but you know… it’s just the rain, and this time was quite warm instead of cold, so we carried on.

On the way back home I felt completely soaked but smiled inside, which got me thinking… I reminded myself of a similar situation when, I saw one kid selling still water bottles for a dollar, just right at the entrance to the Walmart Store in Henderson, outside of Vegas, were I used to live.. All of my visits to the States were so inspirational…

Amazing pitching skills of young entrepreneurial spirits. This creates very positive feeling of the future inside myself, every time I see it… I will share with you the answer to the question at one of my next posts, as part of my continuing writing. I will describe more specifically of what they did, so naturally in the process of selling their stuff, which made me smile for the rest of the day…

Unexpected meet up of these two became my inspiration to write this text and publishing it as my ‘Longread by chunks’ series.

Have a great week…

* This post is my Day Six assignment of Writing 101, Blogging University.

13 thoughts on “Young Entrepreneurial Spirit

  1. Unfortunately I can’t read the future yet, so I wrote this one at the moment of inspired action. It’s better than nothing 🙂


    1. Thanks Mamta 😉 I’m sure that, any experience of young entrepreneurial ventures will have a positive impact on their future… Who knows what they about to discover, invent and change in the nearest future


      1. Also the most appropriate feedback from us, as adult observers, are needed for their future growth and development in many aspects of life… What we can learn from this is to remember of whatever we do in our life, to have more fun with it 😉


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