Weekly photo challenge: Curves

I decided to take this photo challenge from slightly different angle and see another perspective of curves.. perhaps some ‘straight curves’

This word until today, was connected in my mind with surfing magazine, which is called: curves.. but might also mean the lines of which you interact with the world. You might follow the lines to see another perspective or bigger picture. The subject you are looking at is always flexible and doesn’t have to be connected with just one rigid aspect of it.. Might be an abstract expression on the sky above your head or contemporary art below your feet for example..

Cu-r-ves = might represent the opposite side to ‘u see or see you’ if we play a little bit with the word itself..

Life is a play ground, so..

Let your self go with creative side inside you! .. and find out more about your creativeness and spontaneity today..

Keep well folks!

~ Swav @paintingsbyswav (on twitter)

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