How many great things can happen in 7 days ?

Well… I’m writing this blog as a promise to one of my friends. Who said, keep writing, keep writing Swav. I know my English isn’t perfect, it’s not my native language, but I do make some progress.

It’s probably as same as with any other skill that needs attention and time.

I created this Blog 7 days ago on Friday 21st of February 2014. All started after completion of my 20th painting… My first painting was sent to America, I like USA even more now… I was contacted by someone from one of the galleries in London, and another private person rang me from Abu Dhabi with very specific request.

WOW feeling on one side… and challenges on the other side, because I need another good few pieces of my Art to do before specific date… and How can I use a real milled gold with a mix of acrylics to finish that painting ?

I have no idea, yet… and

This Blog is now followed by 77 amazing people, 16 with WordPress Blogs, and emails are pouring in, I’m having a feeling of need of Assistant.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… I love you all…


PS I will reply to all correspondence as soon as possible.