The year of blogging, Blogging University @ (Class of 2014)

First of all…

I’d like to thank everyone here on this blog for the total number of likes, hundreds of comments and following my personal blog. I created this blog with the spark of energy and a deep feeling to let the passion for writing flow, while enjoying the ride on the energy of creation. Along with painting, writing and blogging other aspects of myself were growing, developing and changing. Next year looks very bright and interesting, because it’s like the new chapter of the book, that you write every single day, the book of life…

The year of Blogging

Blogging is an amazing tool and opportunity to express yourself, to have fun, clear out your mind. There are many ways of blogging journey and reasons behind it. I’ve meet bloggers with different backgrounds, the ones that already has established the way of swimming in the ocean of the blogosphere, and also beginners or newbies. I spoke with a few of them and everyone has started with the same attitude of explorer and adventurer, that seeks another way of expression of his inner voice…

Blogging University at (Class of 2014)

Monthly classes spread out through the year were challenging and inspiring as well. My biggest discovery of the year was intuitive writing and the voice behind blogging style, which I discovered during the class of Writing 201. I’ve noticed the advantage of being authentic, original and true to myself and results that comes with this way of being, thinking and acting. Even if you are not perfect with your writing style yet. I enjoyed a lot the class of Photography 101 and will remember my first steps of blogging from Zero to Hero class of Blogging 101 series.

Next year due to my ongoing development of projects (Talent Compass and Writing on the Wall workshop) this website and blog will change. I’ve been using a couple of different themes so far as a trial out and have found a lot of interesting data.

I can truly and honestly recommend Blogging University to you and everyone who’s interested in blogging 🙂

Thank you very much for your time and… Have a great New Year’s Eve party tonight 🙂

PS I’ve just got the link from #WordPressDotCom to annual report of my activity on blogging in 2014, in interactive and interesting way. Enjoy 🙂

5 thoughts on “The year of blogging, Blogging University @ (Class of 2014)

  1. Happy New Year, Swav! I’ve enjoyed looking at your art this year, and will be back for more soon. Good luck with your projects for the year ahead. They sound exciting and I hope you have fun along the way 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I hope that Australia and his land will support you this year the most appropriate way… I’d like to say thank you for some of your blog posts… I like the last one 🙂 from the heart of Ireland, Swav


      1. Australia and the land to support me…that is such a kind thing to say, Swav. Thank you for the likes and follows on around Internet land, I really appreciate it.

        Looking forward to seeing more of your art this year. I’m always fascinated by paintings and drawings (this kind of art is not my forte) 🙂

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