Inspiration to paint small symbolic painting #RG15

The wave of inspiration to create small symbolic painting came over to me last week. When I did the first moves on the canvas… I knew somehow it will be connected to tennis and Roland Garros 2015 tournament in Paris.

I’m not a tennis player but #ILoveTennis myself and whenever the weather in Ireland turns out to be sunny and dry enough… we go out and play with no hesitation at all #JustForFun

So here it is,

Small, symbolic painting for someone of #RG15Final in Paris… ready to be posted soon 🙂 Have a great Sunday.

#Vivid #Inspiration

11 thoughts on “Inspiration to paint small symbolic painting #RG15

    1. Thank you Lia 🙂 Could you send me a postcard from NYC, maybe some old school place or symbolic one connected to creation/creativity/inspiration? I’m looking for inspiration to create ‘writing on the wall’ painting workshop… I’m thinking about some old warehouse as a location 🙂

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