Free Yourself, Painting No. 60 by Swav

This is my first painting since a couple of months of unwanted break time in painting. Well, I had to fly around for a while but also wasn’t well enough to paint or even write longer stories of the number of beautiful paintings of my collection…

The collection which always seems to flow in it’s own rhythm and melody, which is like a wind or a blow of air over the blue sky during the day… and also a wonderful reflection during night time sleep. Energy flows through specific channel of time and space…

Like the river of life, which is endless, timeless and yet still very interesting from the point of observer and adventurer of the whole journey.

What is it ? that keeps us going forward… to seek more of knowledge about ourselves and the capacity that we hold in our hands, which many times we are unaware of… What is it ? that bothers you over night or during the day…

What is the question, that you silently seek the answer for…

What kind of illusion you are chasing right now, something that not allow you to simple feel yourself fully, to be yourself fully… or to know yourself better at least.

We can run entire life unconsciously or without thinking about it, who we really are ? and what we are doing here on earth… but some day, some way that question will come…

Silently knocking the doors from the inside out or banging the doors from the outside in, both of which… I’d love to wish you the freedom of spirit, to free yourself of unwanted illusions of life, while clearing out all unwanted activities in one single pure heart beat of your whole self…

Free yourself to fly and enjoy life more deeply…

~ With love… as always, Swav

#freedom #free #yourself

Free Yourself, Painting by Swav

7 thoughts on “Free Yourself, Painting No. 60 by Swav

    1. there are days when the sky is cloudy from the point of where we stand on earth… but on the same time, some number of distance can show us the beauty of sunshine and wonderful blue sky… and is not just by hoping or jumping into the air plane, to reach above the clouds 😉


    1. Thank you… and you are right, there is a music inside me, which I understand as ‘the music of life’ or even the river that wants to flow spontaneously, to sing the song of life with joy and love… that inner river in my perspective is connected to the deepest passion about life, the meaning which we are holding inside the heart, about life… about ourselves… and this planet earth, it feels like the compass of navigation, chosen by the first thought of intention that we wants to travel with… Painting is always a good fun 🙂 Cheers


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