Weekly Photo: The Journey of Sun

The latest theme of photo challenge is: Afloat. This time instead of going for a single shot or a few of them, I did something different… A long photo journey while ‘a floating with the change of weather’ which I called The Journey of Sun.

Some days we just don’t know, but also the change or a spark to change somehow comes brighting up your day. Probably same as with the weather, when you look by the window and wondering about the sun… Sunny rain that comes every once for a while, especially here in Ireland… We do appreciate it a lot. I took my camera today, to simply go with the flow… to surf with the clouds on the sky, expecting the rainbow of sun to show up for a few seconds at least, and somehow instead of… The sky above my head cleared out completely. Interesting, when you direct your intention towards your heart, a feeling of which you plant the seed of specific outcome… the magic seems to happen naturally and without effort. It’s like the sun, that never stop shining and moving around the globe with lightness and perfect timing, to keep that extra heat for those in need or not at all…

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo: The Journey of Sun

  1. What gorgeous green! Looks like spring has arrived by you … Here in NYC we are still waiting but it’s coming. This way, I’ll venture out to take more pics!
    Lovely journey through nature!

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    1. A friend of mine just published a few photos from short trip to NYC, so I understand ya… the weather looks like late of September over here or Octoberfest in Germany 🙂 Cheers and… Have fun still!

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