On the way to Howth in Dublin (Part 1)

I took these pictures on the way to Howth in Dublin yesterday… Take a deep breath and fly with the story of pictures, as a bird, freely, openly and enjoyable. This part of photo journey series incl. the route from Bayside to Sutton Cross on the road 105.

~ Enjoy


8 thoughts on “On the way to Howth in Dublin (Part 1)

  1. Beautiful photos, Swav. Great early morning shots, it looks so peaceful there early on in the day. Perfect for strolling around and collecting your thoughts. Lots of blue sky, and blue is my favourite colour so I really enjoyed looking at them 🙂


    1. This part of the city is more for chill out instead of parties, etc… you could find some nice coffee bar along the way for blog posting, while looking on the sky and surroundings…

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