The Choice, Painting No. 62 by Swav

The choice is like the motion, when you make one you are in movement of creation. If you delay one, there is no energy to flow… It’s waiting time, while sitting on the bench of desired action to come. It’s like looking by the window, when is rainy or sunny… It doesn’t matter because you are looking from the inside out.

To experience the rain or breeze of air on a sunny day you have to be out and about… ongoing and out going, which is the experience from the outside in, so the choice is yours… Whatever might be and whatever is connected to, it’s just a choice.

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~ Enjoy

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The Choice, Painting No. 62 by Swav

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    1. Well, as someone else has said a couple of posts ago… the colours wants to jump off the canvas and dance, their own dance of life 🙂 Cheers


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