Weekly photo challenge: On the way

This week’s photo challenge is: on the way… as I remember the times of Celtic Tiger in Ireland good few years ago, most of the conversations or chats about delivery of the products and goods to the client ended up with tomorrow, but most likely was like… it’s on the way, and most of cases tomorrow was delivered a week after, because of too much orders and few hands to work.

On the way is also meaningful when looked at from other, higher perspective… Some of us can be on the way somewhere, which is illusionary location in time and space of the mind, while the soul or true self does not perceive time, because the being-ness is the experience of now, here…

My pictures and photos are on the way also, uploading from the memory card… it’s like the blow of wind behind the window, which moves the air around and flow spontaneously… On the way to some place more less unspecified of now 🙂

~ Enjoy

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