The Portlaoise Town

This post is part of my free flow writing @ Writing 101, Blogging University.

I do a lot of walking around the town as part of my fit challenge for 2014, and since I walk a lot, I see the changes around in more detail. I’ve got the idea for this blog post spontaneously, so my keyboard is like on fire. I do like free flow writing, because gives a feeling of freedom, and whatever will comes into your mind, you basically type, mostly without thinking about it.

The changes that got my attention around this town of Portlaoise are as follow, there’s more and more of the black in town. From the change of the color of the shop outfits and pubs, for the road signs on the streets.

What is going on with this change into a black thing, come on… Who decided to change the signs of this town into the black versions? Are we expecting some invasion from the sky of some kind of Men in Black ? Is this real ? Well… Since those changes are happening my mind is wondering about why, of course…

Is there any connection between all those changes into black, from the previous great cherry outlooks, grass green or brown colors, which are the colors of Irish Heritage as well.  Maybe they painted them black especially for the new comers of the hollywood stars, which are about to pay a visit. A week ago we had some famous couple, as I read in the newspaper.

Some of the newspapers were going wild hunting for the next moves of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Ireland must be a great country as a hide up location of any famous person or celebrity, because is small enough with plenty of pubs and golf courses, so most of it’s citizens are out there somewhere, and are not fancy so much to search for the stars, as might be the usual behaviour of other worldwide places.

Someone, saw this couple on their way back to the limo from the cinema. They were wearing black clothes with black sunglasses of course, with the black limo as standard and black tinted windows, which is a must of the current season.

Maybe we are not under any invasion yet, but this could also mean that, someone is changing this town into more black, because there is a plan of shooting the next part of Men in Black movie, over here in Ireland, in Portlaoise town…